Edit log lines

Open the log editor via the menu command “Edit”.

The log line editor in the overview:


Enter the new line (A)
address in the bottom line marked with *. If necessary, adjust the automatically entered parameters.

Deleting log
lines Select one or more lines and delete the lines with the “DEL” or “Delete line (s)” button.

Move a line Select
one or more lines and move the lines using the “Move line (s) up” or “Move line (s) down” button.

Cutting out a line Select
one or more lines and call it from the context menu “Cut” or press the Ctrl + X key.

Copying Logs Select
one or more lines and call them from the context menu “Copy” or press the Ctrl + C key.

lines Select the lines and call “Insert” from the context menu or press the Ctrl + C key.
The paste from the clipboard is also possible. In this way, symbolic entries from Step7 Classic and the TIA portal can be easily inserted.

Details are described in the following articles: Adding

Insert the symbolics of Step 7 Classic in SPSLog

Insert symbolics from the TIA portal in SPSLogger

Accept changes Press
the “OK” button to leave the dialog.
Note: You can edit, delete, or add new ones during the recording. The changes are integrated into the current recording.


Parameters of the log line

Only the activated log lines are displayed and recorded.
This makes a selection possible without having to delete the log lines.

PLC address in Step-7 or OPC format.
Examples can be found here: Addressing in the SPSLogger

Optional symbol or short text of the address.

Optional description of the address.

Pre-set by the address. Can be customized if required.

Minimum Minimum
displayed value. Smaller values ​​are displayed but not displayed.

Largest value displayed. Larger values ​​are displayed, but are not displayed.

Example for Minimum / Maximum:
A temperature value is normally in the range of 10 to 50 ° C.
Possible setting in this case:
Minimum: 0, Maximum: 60

Comma shift
Number of digits around which the comma, or the decimal point, is shifted to the left.
Example: An integer value indicates a speed in dm / min. With a comma shift of 1, the speed is displayed in m / min.

Select the stroke color in the log line.

of the log line. Is set by the address. Can be customized if required.

By clicking on this field, the trigger dialog opens:

In the example above, the recording is turned on 60 seconds before a value above 150 is reached. If the value is smaller than 140 again, the recording will turn off after 30 seconds.

On and off triggers can be distributed on different log lines. Several triggers can also be programmed.