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Ribi Informatik
Fraugartenstrasse 12
CH-8273 Triboltingen


Industrial automation

The design and implementation of new controls, as well as changes and adaptations of existing controls are our strengths.

We are familiar with a variety of PLC controllers. These include Siemens S7, Siemens S5, Allen Bradley, Eaton, Jetter, Sestep, Hitachi and Mitsubishi.

Repair and troubleshooting

Companies in the trading and industrial sector often have no maintenance staff for the electrical control of their machines and plants. In the event of faults, there are often long downtimes. We have the experience and expertise to resolve faults quickly and with efficiency.

Interfaces to higher-level systems

Communication between machine controls and higher-level systems such as an ERP are becoming increasingly important in the industry. We solve this with interfaces that are adapted to you and require minimal effort to program.

Analyze and optimize

With the SPSLogger, we have developed a program that records PLC data and graphically displays it. The interference search for the maintenance personnel is being simplified through our program.

The extended version “SPSLogM” records faults and operating messages.
Production and downtimes can be recorded through this version. By analyzing the data, you can optimize your production performance.


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